Top 10 Programming Languages For 2021 With Bright Future

Atul Kumar Prasad
2 min readOct 26, 2021


The growing demand in the IT industry’s can make it confusing to pick one programming language that is suitable and helpful for an individual. Here in this article we are going to know about top 10 programming languages so that you can plan your carrier wisely in 2021. Year 2020 has passed and now we have analyzed and understood the high demand coding languages in the coming year. Let’s start.

JavaScript is the most popular language for web development today. Highly interactivewebsites and web applications are powered with JavaScript. JavaScript was the go-to language for front end development, it is still but now it is also being used server side or back end development with the introduction of frameworks like node.js. The scope is also rapidly expanding in the areas of the game development and internet of things. The companies using JavaScript as their programming languages are Google, PayPal and Microsoft.

Swift is an open source programming language developed by Apple. It is heavily influenced by python and is fast and easy to learn. It is majorly used for development of native iOS and Mac operating system application. Apple encourages the use of swift for the whole development process and so more than half of the applications in the app store built using the swift programming language. The companies using swift as their programming language are Apple and slack among many others.

Python Programming Language: Python is the fastest growing and one of the most popular programming language with reliable and well-built framework. It is open source and easy to learn . Python is used in many areas in industry. Django framework which is based on python is popularly used in web development. Furthermore python has become the preferred programming language for machine learning and artificial intelligence learning. The big companies that are using python as their programming languages are Instagram, Spotify and Amazon.

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