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Tech companies are some of the most valuable entities in the world and with good reason they’re raking in huge profits but those profits are only expected to grow after all in the middle of a corona virus pandemic and with technology embedded in almost every aspect of many of our day-to-day lives. What’s a better bet than that technology and related areas keep growing?

The 10 biggest companies are all looking to the future investing in everything from Artificial Intelligence to biometric sales systems and cashier-free stores but of course at this level value lies in the perception of shareholders in 2021. These are the companies that the market believes hold value in their present and have big futures.

South Korean giant Samsung started out as a noodle and dried fish company in the 1930s but its evolution over the decades has brought it to the heart of the technically advanced country’s innovation as a global giant valued at just a fraction under 500 billion dollars. Today Samsung produces a wide range of consumer electronics you’re probably already familiar with from phones to TVs what’s less well known is they also produce cars work in construction work on military projects and make ships and clothing. Samsung had a turnover of over 210 billion dollars in 2020 with over 15% of that profit, their highest ever earnings, came in the third quarter of the year right in the heart of a global pandemic.

Elon musk’s ambitious tech company is named after the cutting-edge engineer Nicola Tesla and works mainly in the fast-growing electric vehicles area where they are currently the market leaders with a 31 billion turnover in 2020. Tesla’s value stems largely from investors anticipation of massive growth in that market. The company is currently valued at $574 billion as well as the cars. Tesla is heavily involved in a heap of groundbreaking side projects which seem to be the driving force behind much of what musk does these ranges from self-driving cars to solar glass as well as a huge focus on battery range and life in vehicles of course. Outside his Tesla role musk is also working on some truly breathtaking technological concepts from the hyperloop transport plan to spaceX despite their lofty stock market value of $587 billion dollars.

Taiwanese company TSMC are definitely one of the lesser known tech entities to make this list the multinationals main focus is on semiconductors a serious industry with products used in all kinds of technology from mobile phones to fridges. TSMC is heavily involved with apple and the launch of the iphone 12 helped to push their value in 2020 with a turnover of 12.6 billion dollars soaring in the last quarter, with the launch of the phone as well as nearly doubling TSMC’s market cap value in the course of a year. The company’s new N7 plus technology improves semiconductor efficiency offering more transistors in a smaller space as well as a 10% reduction in the use of power. They plan to invest an extra 10 billion dollars on chip production from 2020.

With a market capitalization value of 645 billion dollars the ginormous Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba has only been around for a touch over 20 years.

But takes advantage of china’s strong manufacturing base and export market to create a platform for consumers and businesses to shop controlling 56 of china’s e-commerce market in 2020, as well as its famed shopping network Alibaba also works in other areas and faced controversy in late 2020 when it was discovered its facial recognition software was being used to identify minority weaker people in china. There are huge positive concepts too like the world’s largest platform for reducing individual carbon emissions and platform. The company also provides entertainment, financial and cloud computing technology in china, it owns supermarkets that offers half-hour delivery and the chance to have your food cooked for you to eat in the food court.

Mark Zuckerberg’s monstrous social media platform which has roughly 2.8 billion monthly active users is worth 753 billion dollars. According to the markets for many years the platform left less informed users wondering where their profit came from the answer of course was advertising. In fact facebook has seen an increased demand for its advertising as a result of the corona virus outbreak and has made itself a valuable platform for advertisers due to its ability to specifically target people with certain likes dislikes or beliefs of course. This has had controversial impacts too in areas like fake news scandals and election targeting and raised significant privacy concerns for some users. The company also owns Instagram and Whatsapp and dabbles in areas like solar-powered drones emotion recognition and other areas of virtual reality software tencent valued at 856 billion dollars making it the most valuable non-American software company in 2021.

Chinese entity tencent is essentially a massive holding company; the shanghai-based conglomerate owns a massive social media app in china as well as dabbling heavily in games where it has stakes in the likes of fortnite, call of duty, and PUB G. The latter being the world’s largest mobile game by revenue earning 232 million in march 2020 alone, as the covid 19 pandemic saw people turn to gaming tencent also has a host of major music deals acting as a distributor for Sony Warner and universal to various degrees in the Chinese market.

There are other recent work takes in VR (Virtual Reality) headsets and the sourcing of protective masks during the pandemic though their chat app wechat has been at the center of censorship controversy.

In recent years alphabet, Google’s parent company alphabet created through a restructuring process in 2015 is worth over a monstrous 1.4 trillion dollars. Its primary asset naturally is the world’s largest search engine a huge volume of advertising income is generated through its use both directly and through on-site advertising using systems like google ads. Google is so embedded in internet culture that it’s difficult to avoid their services which take in Gmail, Google maps, Google drive Google home and Android and the chrome operating system, amongst hundreds more being so influential of course. The company is also not without its controversies many of which revolve around privacy and alleged abuse of its dominant position. Alphabet’s other assets take in an array of areas from verily a health service to advanced technological efforts and wing which focuses on drone delivery.

The undisputed modern day kings of internet commerce in America and much of Europe 1.5 trillion company Amazon had a revenue in 2020 of over 386 billion dollars making their turnover alone over three quarters of the capital value of Samsung. Their market share of e-commerce is around 30 in both the US and the UK. Jeff Bezos’s company faced outbreaks in its factories during the coronavirus outbreak prompting protests but nevertheless made huge profits as consumers opted to shop from home alleged tax avoidance and a demanding work culture have also been issues for the company as well as being able to sell you nearly anything at a pace amazon is expanding into a wide range of technical areas including opening cashless stores biometric payment options and using artificial intelligence to create home robots. Bezos’s move away from Amazon may prove their biggest future challenge.

Valued at 1.75 trillion dollars Microsoft remains something of a go-to company for a lot of areas of computing with Microsoft software from the office package to internet explorer at the heart of their respective markets while products like the Xbox and Microsoft surface computers show their diversity globally. Speaking Microsoft operating systems are still the dominant force in PCs, if not in more mobile computing with the company generating 143 billion dollars in turnover in the year to June 2020. The company’s current areas of research abroad including virtual desktop cloud PC style services and a lot of other areas focused on flexibility windows 10x is likely to be the next big launch.

Due this spring apple having established itself as a huge prestige technology brand in every area from phones and tablets to smart TVs and home computers. Apple is the only tech brand, the market currently valued at over 2 trillion, 2.04 trillion to be precise from the iconic iphone series, the latest of which the iphone 12 was launched in October to those instantly recognizable computers. Apple seems to have the luxury market packed the apple supply chain is brilliant at product type and while the iphone 12 was the big one in recent years.

The apple car, foldable iphone and smart glasses are all thought to be somewhere in the pipeline developments on the Mac, Macbook, air ipad and Apple TV products are also expected in the nearer future while they’re moving away from intel to work on the development of their own ships too with such a high-end brand reputation it’d be brave to back against them so are tech companies still a good investment are they worth the high value prices that shareholders put on them or would you rather place your cash — What do you think?

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