Now Its Time To Clean Our Beaches : Beach Sand Cleansing Technology

Atul Kumar Prasad
2 min readJan 23, 2021


Professors and students at BNM Institute of Technology, Bangalore, Karnataka (India) had designed a beach sand cleansing technology which is based on electro-hydraulic mechanism which is much efficient in collecting garbage from beach. The equipment designed by the team aims on removing micro plastics from beach and to protect sea animals and their hatchlings like turtle and hence increasing their rate of survival. Plastic waste around the beach constitutes about the 80% of annual plastics that results from terrestrial activities and 20% originates from dreadful events or maritime sources. When these waste exposed to solar radiation, winds and currents get shattered into small pieces called micro plastics (the size of shattered plastics is generally less than 5 mm (average size).

How it works?

The detailed working of the system can be understood. The whole designed circuit will be embedded on the tractor or any other pulling device. When the system starts running the mechanical power will be transmitted to the gear pump which in turn creates a pressure in hydraulic oil which further pumps it to hydraulic circuit. The passive infrared sensor which is basically an infrared sensor will be programmed to detect any marine organism. The sensor will detect and send a signal in form of LED/buzzer to transducer. The transducer will convert the electrical signals to the mechanical impulse which is given to 6/3 directional control valve. The DCV play a role for detachment and attachment for whole set up from sand. The equipment designed by the professors and students constitutes of following parts:

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